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Click on any labels in the list to the left to show the graph for that region. Clicking again will remove it. (Clicking on any graph will also remove it.)

You can see multiple graphs at once to compare them. (Show the top 9/top 16/top 25 regions in the list.)

You can choose the order to sort the list at the left using the select button at the top of the list.

You can use the checkboxes on the left to choose which datasets to display. You can also select raw/smoothed graphs. The smoothing is not perfect, but it helps show the shape of the curves, despite very eratic reporting in some juristictions.

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Using COVID-19 data from John Hopkins University and population data from the World Bank. Note that most of the death numbers are probably under-reported, as explained in this Economist article.

Written by: Dave Mason

Inspired by Christian Haider's graphs done using Amber Smalltalk.